Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Day With Family To Celebrate Birthdays!

Today we went to my parents home in Baltimore
to celebrate three birthdays.   
 Julep was one of the birthday girls.
 The Birthday Girls
 Oh we forgot the birthday candles!
 Julep ... that's not nice to ask.
 We're keeping certain birthday girls ages a secret!
 Julep loves her Aunt Debby so I don't mind if she's on
 my quilt top that took hours and hours to make.
 New spring dresses my sister Debby made.

 I like this dress pattern and will try it soon.
 My dad [Charlie] and his girl Julep.
 Just had to have the sock monkey to check out.
 Wilson enjoyed time with the guys.
 My sister [Debby's] husband Bill.
 Mom and her girl Julep.
What an expression ... I think Derby had his feeling
 hurt because there was no gift for him.  
His birthday is in May.  He'll be 3 so we'll celebrate then.
 Julep got more then her share of treats and even
 tried to take a bite out of the birthday cake.
 Julep had a good time but missed her afternoon nap.

 The westies loved running and sniffing in the yard but
it was time for some down-time.
My sister undertook the project of making 
[without a pattern] a dress for my mom's Infant Jesus statue.
They are working on the final fitting.
. . .
. . .


  1. Happy Birthday to you all, especially you Julep! The birthday cake looked delicious!



  2. Happy Birthday to all the "Birthday Girls" :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie