Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday: This and That

 I tried a new pattern over the past few days.
This is one my sister purchased and shared.
I've been anxious to use these fabrics and love the way
both dresses turned out with this pattern.
 The Westie Foundation of America has accepted my offer for another
American Girl doll with fashion portfolio to help raise fund for research.
  This year the target date will be mid-October and I'm hoping 
the fund raising committee will use E-bay to help raise even more money
than last year to help our little westies.

If anyone would like to contribute an item to the Foundation to auction,
please post a comment and I can give you details ...
 I'm trying my hand at sewing a baby quilt.
 It's very simple, but cute so I'll keep you updated on the progress.
 Baking spritz cookies using Easter sprinkle decorations.
 Today I went to a lunch meeting at Sherry's home to discuss ideas
on an after-school program to teach children to sew.  
This will be one of the fall programs offered by our local YMCA.
 I made cookies for dessert and also did little lunch favors
 for the ladies to take home and enjoy.
 This is Sherry with her beautiful kitty.
I wish I had blue eyes like that!
 Sherry also makes doll clothing - her sewing is detailed & perfect!
 Sherry showed us several quilts she made but this one is 
made from fabrics she purchased in France.
 Look at those bunny slippers for an American Girl doll.
Sherry promised to send me the link to the shoes and rack website.
 The lunch meeting was in the river room. 
A lot was discussed with three sub-committee's formed.

Enjoy your weekend and have a Jelly Bean Martini for me!

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  1. Oh I like those dresses! I am so glad you are working on a sewing program for kids, I think that is a great idea!