Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Going to the Beach

 This week is going to be busy because
we'll be packing up the car to get ready for
our vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina,
Duck to be exact.
I can't wait to show you photo's of the house
we rented for the week.  It's not ocean front 
but just a short steps to the beach from
 our front door. This is the third time we've been
in this rental which [by the way] is way to large
for just us and the westies.

Plus we have Julep's 4th Birthday
 to celebrate on Thursday.  If the weather
is good we plan to take her to lunch then
over to Flying Fred's so she can pick out
her birthday present ... I'm betting she'll go
right to the treat section. 
... ... ...
 Meet Sunny a Facebook westie friend
from California.  Sunny's mom posted a
question on my Facebook Group page ...
asking what is the best life vest for a westie.
Since we sold our boat and I had this vest for
Julep [which she never wore] I offered it
to Sunny.  Doesn't she look cute?
A Perfect Fit
Sunny looks good in this pink Hawaiian print.
Have fun on the boat on the lake.
Don't forget to send us pictures.


  1. Have fun at the beach!! Wish I wuz there with you!

  2. Soooo SWEET... LOVE those faces!

  3. Have sooooo much fun!!! And happy happy b-day!

  4. THANK YOU KATIE!!! Sunny looks great in her NEW life vest!! She is finally walking in it too. At first she wasn't so sure what to think about being rolled up like a little taco. The kids have taught her it's ok to move!! Our camping/fishing trip is just around the corner and we can't wait to have some fun together!!

    Enjoy your vacation and a very Happy 4th Birthday to Julep!!! Linda Moderow OneLuckyFamily....California

  5. Happy fourth birthday, Julep! I hope you enjoy your trip to the beach. Thanks for introducing us to Sunny! She is so cute!

  6. Happy Birthday.
    Hope you have sweet dreams of bones and walks.

    Roxy xx

  7. Number one: I am so jealous that you get to go to the beach!!!
    Number two: Sunny is a hottie .. do you happen to know if she has a boyfriend??
    Number three: Happy Birthday!!!