Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...... We've Been Busy

 It's always fun trying to decide what to take on vacation.
At least with a car vacation the possibilities are endless
as far as packing clothing for the Outer Banks.  
 Break Time ... Packing is hard Work
Mommy Katie is doing such a good job she
doesn't need my help anymore ... so I'm
going to take a snooze.
 I managed to gather all the westie stuff 
--- MISSING ---
The food / treats / toys & antibiotics just in case.
 Can't leave home without the supplements.
Of course this afternoon I started to feel flu-like
so I'm hoping it will pass by and keep going.
 I forgot to show you what I purchased from the
Westie Foundation of America's sale table at the
dog show last Friday.  Wilson wanted a hat, and I
wanted the gray fleece vest, the tote bag and the westie
pupmobile car magnet.
... ... ... ... ...
 I may have mentioned that I don't want to keep scraps 
of fabric anymore since my box started overflowing.  
So these [3] dresses are made out of left-over fabric.
What I didn't need for the dresses I cut into blocks
measuring 2-1/2" square.  
I'm starting a 'scrappy quilt' collection of tiny blocks.
 Ballerina Dress
 Everything is Ducky Dress
 Lavender & Tan Jacket
 My first completed pleated skirt.
I'm excited how well this turned out.
This skirt was cutout & on my sewing table since last year
[basically I was afraid to tackle pleats].
 Matching Suit Jacket
The fringe was a little tedious to attach but worth the effort.
 The Lime Green & Bright Pink Dot Collection
 This jacket took me forever to make.
 I had enough fabric for a short outfit.
The sundress in bright happy colors.

McKenna is going to have another fantastic 
fashion portfolio when she goes to her forever home.

There something I must confess ...
 I'll miss my Bernina sewing machine while on vacation.
She's going in on Friday for her yearly physical.
I'm not sure I can go seven days without sewing.
 So in order to make the withdrawal bearable
I'm taking a stack of patterns to cut out.
so I'll be ready to start sewing when I come home


  1. Have a FABULOUS vacation. I am a 7 mph KDH vacationer. You still have the prettiest Westies in the world.

  2. McKenna is going to look so cute in her Everything is Ducky dress. :D I hope y'all have a fantastic trip. {Take lots of pictures.}

    Ricki Jill

  3. Have a funtastic trip to the beach!

    Stop by for a visit.

    Flynnah & Roxy xx

  4. Hope the flu just keeps coasting by and you have a vacation with gusto. We have never been to the beach, wish you could pack us.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Hope you have a great vacation. It looks like you will!