Saturday, April 28, 2012

Got My FlipFlops Packed ... But Before We Go

 While I was out doing a little pre-vacation shopping
 today I found a special treat for the westies.
 Something they've never had before
{if you can believe that!}
 I had planned to surprise them their little gift when
we got to Duck but I said ... what the heck ... so
I gave them their very first 
Prairie Dog Split Elk Antlers!
 They chewed for a little while then Derby wanted Julep's
and Julep wanted Derby's ... then Derby hide his and
went after Julep's ... then they just left them on the floor
and went on to something else.
 Derby moved under the table trying to get his point across ...
enough with the camera already ... go do something else ... like ...
iron that stack of clothes, pack the car, vacuum the house ...
so I went outside to take flower, yard and bunny photo's.
{anything to put off that ironing!}

 Wilson & I were married under this arch facing
the water.  At the very moment we said 'I Do' two swans
swam by.  Everyone was amaze at the timing!
The swing is engraved with our property name
'Nature's Way' and our wedding date.

 Maybe he'll be grown by the time we get back.
 I'm glad I took the flower and yard photo's since
we'll miss a lot of the blooms while we're gone.
The landscapers finished and did an excellent job.
We're leaving one vacation spot to head to another.
... Next Stop On The Blog Bus ...
Quack-Quack ... Duck, North Carolina!


  1. Those are some pretty flowers. I would avoid the ironing too if I could look at that!

  2. it looks like those elk antlers have the Julep and Derby paw of approval :)