Sunday, April 29, 2012

If It's Sunday...We Must Be In Duck!

 What a beautiful sight to see first thing this morning
while getting ready for our vacation.
 Sunrise with a splash of fog and a touch of heron
I'll take one of these to go!
 Making a quick stop to get lunch these
two classics pulled up and parked next to us.

 Packard 8
 Toll = $12.00

 Our third visit to 'Life is Good'
the westies know this house cold!
 We don't trust the westies on the porch without
an added layer of fencing to keep their heads [and bodies]
from squeezing underneath to go after that fox
[that just ran by] or those dogs going to the beach. 
 Walking to the beach takes seconds!

 They will stay out there watching until bed.
 Here are the photo's of the upper level
and pool area.

I'll post the middle and lower level rooms on 
Monday morning. 

1 comment:

  1. since I didn't get here until Monday that must mean you are definitely in Duck :) What a great place to spend the week