Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Derby is on the lookout for the Easter Bunny
{or any bunny that comes into his yard!}
 What is your favorite flavor of Jelly Bean?
Mine is: Cherry
 These are the American Girl doll clothes my sister {Debby}
 has to divide up for her Easter give-a-way.
She is sewing for 5 little girls {why did I think it was 3?}
 A cake so easy to decorate for Easter.
... ... ... ...
... ... ... ...
 This is the first time I made heart-shaped pillows with lace trim.
These were so easy to sew using the flannel my sister gave me for Jenifer.
 I came to find out it's Jenifer's birthday this Saturday so 
I hurried and whipped up two pillows and a two ruffle dress
as a little gift for her.
 Jenifer is my friends niece who has downs syndrome and
who loves cheer leading in school.  It seems that some of the girls
have taken Jenifer under their wing to help her with cheer leading.
  When Debby found this fabric at JoAnn's she know
 it had to be for Jenifer. 
... ...

 I have a lot of dog fabric time for kitty cats!

 From my sister as a birthday gift to me.
 I'm not sure if I'll use this fabric 'cause I like it so much!
 More birthday fabric!
 Frog Buttons
 My first fabric from Paris France!
JoAnn & her husband Lloyd enjoyed a wonderful
vacation in France.  During their visit JoAnn
found a nice little fabric shop ... so she purchased
these for me as a gift.  
I'll save them to make something special just for me.

 Yet ... more birthday fabric!
 The next dress I'll try making.
How could I not ... it's named after me!
 A birthday present to myself.
Two new feet for my Bernina sewing machine
that are for quilting.
 Vintage sewing supplies.
My mom was cleaning out her sewing basket and
gave me a big bag of goodies.  Here are a few.
 When is the last time you purchased thread on a wooden spool?
Look at these prices ...
19 cents for a spool of thread &
15 cents for a sheet of snaps.
The good old days that I remember
oh so darn well!


  1. I love it all, but I mostly love that first picture of Derby at the window. How wonderful.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Oh my, that cake looks delicious. I like the pink jelly beans!

  3. Oh happy happy Easter to you guys!!! Just remember DO NOT CHASE THE EASTER BUNNY!!!! No fun I know but then he won't leave you any treats!!

  4. Whoa! That fabric from France sure is purty!

    Aroo, Stuart

  5. I love how Derby is looking out the window. Those dresses are so cute!! There must be a lot of happy dolls out there..Ha!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.