Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quilt Guild Meeting Quilts

 Yesterday I took a drive to beautiful downtown Trappe
 for the Quilt Guild's monthly meeting.
 Here are quilts made by members of the
Guild that they presented at the
monthly'Show & Tell' portion of the meeting.

 Christmas Quilt

 Sailing Away in Baby Blues

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On To April's Guest Speaker
Norma Campbell

 Norma Campbell 

 A serious quilter for almost 20 years, 
she’s been teaching since 1990. 
She coordinated the fourth annual project of 
decorating the 
Maryland State House with 

Christmas-themed quilts and 
wall hangings for the

 administration of Gov. Parris Clendening. 
Her miniature quilts have been featured in 
Miniature Quilts magazine. 
Besides numerous guilds, quilt shops, and 
Belle Grove Plantation, 
she regularly teaches for Anne Arundel Community 
College in their continuing education program.

 The next series of photo's are quilts
 Norma displayed and spoke about at the meeting.
They are all amazing!

 Norma enjoys working with a 1930's color 
pallet as well as printed fabrics from that time.

 Quilts for Returning Troops


  1. Those are beautiful. I went so far as to visit our local quilt shop to inquire about lessons, but that's as far as I got. Seeing these beautiful quilts makes me re-think my decision about enrolling in a class. But I better learn how to sew a straight line first!

  2. Beautiful quilts..... OMC... I am almost passing out over here from seeing all those wonderful quilts and wanting to sit on all of them.

    pawhugs, Max