Friday, April 13, 2012

Walkin' the Trail

 New smells and good sniffs were found on our walk
down the St. Michaels Walking Trail.
 Our first time on the trail and we discovered it's  a 
great place for the westies to exercise.

 The Covered Bridge over the wetlands
 Of course we both took our camera's!
 Julep watching other dogs and people on the trail.

 Derby taking a quick break while waiting for 
Julep and Wilson to catch up with us.
 Everyone enjoyed being outside on this glorious day.

 Derby is ready to explore every inch of the walking trail.
It was a little difficult to focus on taking a lot of photo's
 of flowers and plants but between Wilson & 
I we did manage a few good ones.
Wisteria just starting to open.


  1. What a great trail!! I love those covered bridges, what a great outing!

  2. What a super fun trail that is fur a walkie! Wish me had one around here. But now it's already too hot fur walkies!

  3. What a lovely place to walk! I know the pups enjoyed themselves with so many things to explore!