Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching Up On Beauty Sleep While I Sew

 Our precious little westies.
 While the westies were napping and catching up on
their beauty sleep ... I was in my 'happy place'
creating this colorful Halloween three
piece outfit from last years witches hat fabric.
 There are some outfits I really, really hate to part with
because I love them so much and this is one of them.
 My current focus is to complete clothing 
for each major holiday of the year.  This
collection will be mailed to Jill [who is a friend
we see while vacationing] in Duck.
These are a gift for her niece's birthday in June.
I think her niece will be tickled beyond words!
Trick-or-Treat Bag 
I made this trick-or-treat bag up as I went along.
Didn't it come out precious?
Rose Bud Nightgown 
From Halloween to a summer nightgown.
This fabric is from my sister.
 Woof-Woof Howl At The Moon
Nightgown made from leftover flannel.
At some point I'll need to go through all of my
dog patterns and find one that is westie-appropriate.
For now the focus is on just small sewing
projects using my stash of beautiful fabric.

My trip yesterday to Hobby Lobby netted
8 new spools of fancy ribbon, a few packages
of buttons, and 3 pieces of fabric.

Have a Great Day & Thank You For Visiting


  1. Your little dogs are adorable. I also love the American Girl outfit and the purse. I've made a ton of American Girl outfits for my granddaughter, but none as cute as that!

  2. Beauty sleep , they gorgeous without it. Like the Halloween ensemble!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Julep and Derby look like little Westie book ends :)
    Love all the clothes, so cute. that howl at the moon nightgown is adorable

  4. Love your site. Check out Wild, Wild Westies on Pinterest