Sunday, May 20, 2012

5:22 in the Morning & Nature Is Already Awake

 At 5:22 in the morning Julep saw the
baby bunny eating breakfast directly in
front of the bedroom window.
I crawled out of bed to stop her from barking.  
Baby Bunny ... The Culprit
 So at 5:22 [in the morning] I decided to catch
the sunrise and listen to the sounds of the new day begin.
 Not a person who likes being a earlier riser
I really thought it would be so quiet you could
hear a pin drop in the grass.

I was surprised at natures sounds this early in the morning.
Sounds like ... the low hum of the crabbin' mans engine.
Two geese honking at the end of the creek.
 Bob White ... Bob White calling out from the woods.
 Gobble Gobble Gobble from a field across the creek.
 The rooster crowing from a farm across the road.
 The cows mooing from the farm at the end of the creek.
A deer crossing our driveway and the crunching
 of leaves as he went into the woods.
[add westies barking to that].
 The chirps of the cardinal calling out to its mate.
... And Not To Mention ...
Various birds singing up a storm
The squirrels running through the woods
And the westies barking
After taking a few photo's and giving breakfast
to Julep & Derby I went back to bed
to grab a few more hours of sleep.


  1. Happy Sunday to you! Finn is a 5am riser as well. There is a lot to behold at that hour!

  2. Huh, those early morning alarm calls and on a Sunday, tut tut but the result lovely pics.
    Best wishes Molly