Thursday, May 17, 2012

Diligent We Are!

Characterized by ... 
Steady, Earnest, & Energetic Effort

While 'WE' [the westies] were diligently on guard duty
'SHE' [Mommy Katie] was diligently upstairs sewing.
 When you're on guard duty for a long
stretch of time a nose rest sure comes in handy.
 Derby knows [for a fact] we have a wild
turkey hanging around, a fox that
comes through during the day, 
and a blue heron that's been eyeing
our swimming pool since it was open
[not to mention the squirrels, birds
and a turtle passing through].
 Always Looking
[ever so diligently]
 Doing what westies do best
watching, waiting, guarding & barking.

 4th of July Party Dress
[the westies are right - I've been diligently sewing]
 One dress is going to my sister for her next give-a-way.
 Slumber Party Long Night Gown
I have 3 additional night gowns cut out and
ready to sew as today's project.
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  1. Fantastic. Can I come help you watch?

  2. Still on the lookout for the wild turkey, diligent indeed.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. they do diligent well :)
    Love that 4th of July dress, so cute