Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evening Walk In St. Michaels

 We wanted to get out of the house
to enjoy some of this beautiful weather
so we loaded the westies in the car
and we headed for a pre-dinner walk along the
docks in St. Michaels.
 We found a few yachts docked so the
westies were in a hurry to see them.

 Security on duty up top.

 Julep & Derby started up the steps
to The Aurore ... but we stopped them
before security came out to greet us.
 Flowers we passed during our walk.

 In watercolor

 Derby taking in the view.

 Derby is such a happy, happy boy.
I love when he walks with his tail straight up.
We had a nice walk & wished we could have 
had dinner at one of the outdoor restaurants.
But, alas ... we'll have to wait one more day
 until we meet friends arriving via
the Red Rocket [their boat]
 ... so it's Friday night ... Foxy's...
first Cosmo martini of the season.
Be there or be square
outside along the harbour in St. Michaels.

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  1. Please buy a Westie Yacht so we can all go cruisin' ....