Friday, May 11, 2012

Grooming The Westies & Fabric Shopping

... DERBY-LIOUS ... 
Don't I look especially handsome?
That's because I just came back from the groomers
 [and] by the way, in my opinion, Julep doesn't 
look half bad either for a girl ... Woof-Woof.

 With Julep & Derby all nice and clean
they decided to help me change the bed linens.
 Being groomed is such hard work they decided
that helping me change the bed was their 
invitation to take a little snooze on the job.
 Don't bug me ... I'm resting.
 Julep loves to lay at the end of the bed
and watch the yard for anything that just
might be passing by.  I'm not sure if the
next house we move to will all have these windows.
 It's hard being me when I have to ...
Stand while Dorene [the groomer] massages my body with
shampoo, then uses a brush and comb while blow-
drying my fur, then takes off all that excess fur with
some fancy clippers that tickle, trims up my darling little 
face and ears, then finally does my nails.
 I found this in Home Goods and knew it would
be perfect to hold all my patterns.  The good
news is I have space for more patterns.
 Shopping at Hancock Fabric
I've been looking for a 6" square to start making quilt
blocks for probably another baby quilt.
While I was getting fabric cut I saw the Wonder Clips.
Everyone said how great they are to use.
 The Wonder Clips [in case you didn't know] are used
to hold the binding on along the edge of your quilt.
A great alternative to trying to get a straight pin
through two layers of fabric plus the batting.
 Ribbon on sale ... who could resist?
Two rolls [the 4th from the left & the one next to it in
tan] are rope.  How perfect to use as straps on doll handbags.
 Now ... Introducing ... The Fabric  
I purchased a yard of the circus fabric and
 a half yard of the fabric directly below.
I'm thinking quilt on these two pieces.

 Tea Party ... I can see a fancy party dress in my mind already.
 It's getting scary when I can look at a fabric
and know which dress I want to make using it.

 All this fabric was on sale at Hancock.

 Another great purchase!
 This handle has suction cups that attach to my
larger quilters ruler.  I had a hard time trying
to hold the ruler in place and trying to cut all
at the same time.  Having this in place I
don't have to worry about accidentally cutting
my fingers with the rotary cutters sharp blade.
 The two baby quilt tops are a kit that was put together
by the Bayside Quilter's Community Outreach Group.
I'll finish these, give them back to Outreach and they
in turn will give them to families in need within our community.
 While we were gone yesterday the pool was opened.
 Our yard looks so beautiful now that the landscaping
clean-up and fresh mulch are complete and the
pool is open.  I can't wait for the water to clear
so we can turn on the water fall.
Derby is catching up on his rest.  I told the westies we'll
be taking a drive to visit Grand mom Dot on Sunday
to celebrate Mother's Day.


  1. I hope y'all have a nice weekend! :D Derby and Julep look adorable with their summer cuts!


  2. Derby you are a handsome devil!! Julep you are just too cute. Malcolm, Izzie and Sugar all need a good groom but they will have to wait because I'm leaving for D.C. next week for a new grandbaby.