Thursday, May 10, 2012

100 Years Of Quilting

 This months speaker and guest at the 
Bayside Quilters Guild meeting
 were Arlan and Pat Christ of Berks County, PA.
They are both passionate about collecting extraordinary
 quilts and sharing the stories with others.
Of special interest [at the end of the guest presentation] was the
 "Captain James Andrew Quilt," which was purchased 
at a public auction in Milford, Del. 
This Baltimore Album Quilt, dated 1849, 
had the label of "Cora Spencer, St. Michaels, MD"
Elizabeth Andrew, the wife of James Andrew,
 a Chesapeake Bay steamboat captain living in
 Baltimore, made the quilt. It was passed on to Cora Spencer
 upon the death of James Andrew. 
This is a spectacular Baltimore Album Quilt!
 Their lecture “100 Years of Quilting” covers the period of 
quilting from 1830 through 1930.

 Approximately 30 antique quilts that represent style and format
 changes during this time period were shown and discussed. 
The history of these quilts and the quilt makers provides
 an interesting journey through a very difficult time
 during the growth of our young country.

 This antique quilt has about 10,000 pieces!
A close-up of the above quilt.

  A very interesting quilt because of the various fancy stitches
and shapes of fabrics the designer used to create this.

Arlan & Pat gave an excellent presentation to our Guild.
They mixed humor, the history behind how they added
each quilt to their collection, as well as sharing
information about the previous owner/creator of the piece.
The Christ's now have over 700
antique quilts in their private collection.

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  1. Lovely quilts, I want one for my basket.
    Best wishes Molly