Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out To Dinner ... Again!

 Derby taking a little snooze in Julep's puppy bed.
It's a wee bit small even for him.

 Just who is this man lurking behind the tree
taking pictures?  It's my husband, of course!
One of the fun things about living in a 'tourist town'
is you never know what or who you'll see.

 Dream on ... my darling husband ... dream on!

 Dining at the Town Dock two nights in a row.
Laura & Cary boated over on the Red Rocket.
 Cary's martini ... he's not flying this weekend.
 My martini ... and a good one at that!

You could say there are more boats docked then last night.
Today there will be even more boats coming in to
spend Memorial Day in St. Michaels.
The town will be packed with tourists and several weddings
are going on also.  One big wedding is being held at the
estate of Donald Rumsfelds.  His grand daughter is getting married
there today and I bet security will be heavy around town.
 We all enjoyed our house salad.
 Wilson's dinner ... the ribs were very good.
 Cary had ... oysters on the half shell.
 My crab cake ... broiled ... extra crispy.
Making Way Too Much Noise 
This 'muscle' boat pulled into the empty slip
right in front of our table. The engine on this type of boat
are loud & annoying. Everyone outside at the Town Dock
 clapped and cheered when this dude shut down the engines. 

 On our walk back to the car I wanted to see
how my camera took night photo's on the
 simple auto focus feature.

 Someone paddled their way to dinner.

 St. Michaels is filled with historical old homes.

 Yarrow At Night
 Okay ... Okay ... Okay
I promise ... we're staying home tonight.


  1. Poor Derby and Julep....they are used to being on the go, too! They don't like being left at home *sadface*

  2. OMG the cocktails, the food , the views , I'm packing my bags and heading over your way. Lovely from your jealous one from across the pond. Have a great weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow that is some car. Julep and Derby better start saving up treat money to get that for father's day :)
    Your dinner looks delicious.

  4. Wow, we loved these photographs. Made my She Two Legged One get itchy feet AGAIN (not hard with her - she's a nomad at heart!). Derby looked very comfortable!