Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wyatt @ 4 Months!

 Wyatt ... Norwich Terrier ... Four Months
Today I stopped in to say hello to Gail & give Wyatt a belly rub.
 Wyatt said he had no idea that at the age of 4 months he
would have his own desk at Mommy Gail's work.
 Wyatt wasn't happy I woke him up to take pictures
because he spent hours working on 
a very detailed financial report.

 Wyatt ... The Serious Yet Ever So Cute Look
 I'm not done with my bone so you can't have it!

 Wyatt ... The Poster
Missing Two Puppy Teeth
 You can rub my belly all day Mommy Gail.
 Gail & Wyatt


  1. What wonderful photographs!! We loved them and Wyatt looks like a very cool puppy!