Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Art of the Visit by Kathy Bertone

 While I was visiting with Cindy & MacDuffy
the other day Cindy gave me a copy
of her friend Kathy Bertone's new book
The Art of the Visit
Keys ... Inside Jacket
What a beautiful book!
 Dear Derby ... I'll read to you if you
give me a minute.
 Derby couldn't wait for me to put down my
camera so he started to read the back cover.
 Derby can't take his his nose away from this book.
 Derby, make sure you read the bonus chapter
Hospitality with Our Pets
 There are fun quotes scattered throughout
as well as special 'Visit Wizard Tips'.
 Excellent food for thought!
Should the Host have treats for visiting pets
or should we bring our own?
Etiquette ... things to know before your guests arrive
and things to know when you visit others. 

... Parting Thoughts ...

The Art of the Visit
Combines every essential 'need to know' tip
for being a perfect host as well as guest.

The Five-Star Treatment
Chapters on hosting children and
young adults, hosting older guests, and
even a bonus chapter on hospitality with pets
{Derby & Julep give this chapter a 4-paws up award}.

Author:  Kathy Bertone
Published By:  Running Press

The Art of the Visit: Being the Perfect Host; Becoming the Perfect Guest


  1. This looks like a book I would really enjoy! I will have to order it!

  2. Such a distinguished doglet reader are you. Loved the post.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh that is so sweet seeing Derby reading. I wish Duke would take an interest in books :)

  4. Sounds like some good reading!