Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grooming Day For Julep & Derby & Shopping Day For Me!

 Today we had an appointment set for the
westies to have their summer grooming session
with Ms. Dorene.  Doesn't Derby look totally adorable?
He still looks like a puppy and certainly NOT 3 years old!
 I was in the middle of changing the bed linens
... or so I thought.
We're having Ms. Lisa our pet sitter spend
Thursday night with the westies while
Wilson & I finally celebrate our wedding anniversary.
We're going to Longwood Gardens in Kenneth
Square, PA to take flower photo's,
have dinner at their fancy restaurant and take
in the special garden light show that
starts at dusk.
 Guess the westies win this one!
 My girl, Julep.
 I LOVE the way Dorene trimmed Derby's face
short for the summer.
... On to the the latest sewing ...

I'm into adding crystals and pearls on bodice tops.

 On all the dresses I make I add a tiny
button on the top back.  I felt an extra
heart button would look good on this dress. 
 A fancy dinner party dress.

I added a tiny crystal to the bow center
for added sparkle.
So while the dogs were being groomed I did
a little shopping ... of course!
A favorite stop is Hancock Fabrics.  I only
purchased 6 half yard pieces of fabric as well as some ribbon.
All part of their big summer sale.  Then it was off
to Home Goods and Ollies ... by that time
the westies were done and more than ready to 
leave the groomer-ladies house of horror
 and head back across the Bay for home.
Take Care & Thanks For Visiting


  1. On the bed the two of you , arrrghh and on the side table , gymnast!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You guys are looking great! Love those dresses too!