Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bayside Quilters 20th Anniversary Celebration!

L-JoAnn   R-Me 
Yesterday the members of the Bayside Quilters Guild
celebrated their 20th anniversary with a special
luncheon at The Oaks in Royal Oak, MD
 It was such a beautiful day the check-in area
was outside were we picked-up our name tags.
 Chris ... always so organized.
 Ladies relaxing & enjoying the view prior to lunch.
 The theme for the Challenge Quilt competition was 20.
It could be 20 shades of blue, for example.
The Challenge Quilts were hung outside under a covered
pier and members voted on their favorites. 

 These are just a few of the Challenge Quilts on display.

 The 20th Anniversary Cake was quilted, of course!
 The table centerpieces were a basket of bright pink flowers
with aqua foil accents which matched the programs and pens.
 Past Guild Presidents
 Challenge Quilt Winners

 The luncheon came to a close with a little song
and dance routine about quilting.
 At the end of the President's term 
in office the Guild members presented the outgoing
President with a quilt.  Here are a few of them.

JoAnn was kind enough to take a photo of me
by my favorite President's quilt.
The luncheon was such a lovely celebration and I know
 everyone had a good time catching up with fellow quilters. 

I took about 150 photo's [give or take].
All the photo's I took have been sent to the Guild to use
as they like as well as to the historian to add to
the permanent record of guild events.


On Friday afternoon we're leaving the westies
with an overnight house sitter for the 
F-I-R-S-T   T-I-M-E.
We'll be spending the night with friends who
live in Ocean City.  They are the folks
who introduced us to westies and who
now have 3 ... Rocky, Murphy & Opie.

Originally scheduled to leave today
to spend our 14th wedding anniversary at The Edge
in Ocean City I decided to cancel our reservation since I'm
still suffering with a head cold.  So we'll just celebrate
on Friday night by dining at Ruth Chris Steakhouse with friends.
Me and my first introduction to the westie breed.
It was love at first sight!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you feel better soon!!