Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet The Boys!

 Rocky - Westie #1
He was just a tiny pup when my eyes first saw
him at Stan & Leslie's home in Baltimore.
 It was then I knew I wanted a westie!
 Murphy - Westie #2
Stan & Leslie wanted Rocky to have a
play mate ... enter stage right ... Murphy!
Opie - Westie #3
Opie is one lucky guy.  He is a rescue from
a local shelter and came in with a very bad skin condition
and little to no fur.  Now look at him ... he's so happy
in his fur-ever home & loves playing with his step-brothers.

We'll be staying with Stan & Leslie and
the three westies on Friday night.
I know darn right well Wilson & I
will get  a 'major' sniff-over
when we get home on Saturday
by Julep & Derby.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Bless Opie and nice guys and you wouldn't believe how many of us are rescues. My human re-doing pet insurance today and one top question is how much did I cost , answer 000000!
    Best wishes Molly