Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Sewing for the American Girl Doll

Derby volunteered to be my helper with setting up the
background for the American Girl clothing photo shoot.

 Here are the latest sewing creations made by
Katie Sews 4 Fun
 Red, White & Blue for the 4th of July
 I'm now creating summer hats.
 Lime Green Ruffles Party Dress
 Cupcakes & Lace
 Notice the multi-colored crystals on the cupcake tops?
Something new I'm adding for sparkle.
 Scrappy Ribbon Dress
I found a use for my left over quilt fabric and
all those tiny pieces of ribbon.
 The Tinker Bell Dress

 Candy is Dandy Dress
 The Tinker Bell Dress
I cut this out one inch longer and added the
green sparkle netting.
 Fun with Hats
{I draw the line at making shoes!}
 1930's Teddy Bear Dress
 So much for my little #1 helper!
 ... and so much for my #2 helper!
White on White Star Sundress
 Let's Go To The Circus Sundress
 It's Your Birthday Party Dress
 Casual Yet So Elegant!
The westies were totally bored with
all my sewing but I have to say I'm
pretty darn impressed with what I did.

I can't wait for Debby to arrive on Thursday night.
We'll be sewing patterns she already has
cut out ... needless to say ... we're both so excited!

Wilson will be heading out to his photography
workshop which starts on Friday morning.


  1. Those are all absolutely adorable! I made a ton of American Girl doll clothes for my granddaughter's dolls, but she is quickly outgrowing them. I will have to find another little girl to make some for!

  2. Very impressive!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Katie,
    These are way, way over the top--absolutely delightful. Surely these aren't going to just one doll/little girl! There's more than enough to go around.

  4. So impressed and love looking at your creations as well as your sweet Westies!!