Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're Waiting For Aunt Debby

 We've been so busy around the house with cleaning, 
washing windows, organizing ... all to get ready for 
Aunt Debby's visit on Thursday.
She'll be bring her sewing machine and you know
what Deb and I will be doing for fun.
 I'm not sure if we'll go for a swim but we'll certainly
enjoy sitting on the deck with the westies taking in the view.
 Julep knows when Aunt Debby comes for a visit
we go out to dinner every night -- that means they [the westies]
go out to dinner with us every night.
 Julep licks her chops in excitement.
Derby ... you don't have to worry
Aunt Debby won't try and take over your bed she
has her own bed in the water view guest room upstairs.


  1. Wow, it looks as if Aunt Debbie's arrival is causing a lot of excitement. Derby and Julep look as if they are quite excited about it all! Dinner dates can only be a good thing!



  2. Derby and Julep are so cute!Have a nice visit!