Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking The Westies For A Walk + Dinner

 What started out with a quick walk around the St. Michaels
harbour turned into a quick decision to have
dinner at Foxy's.  Basically, we didn't want to go home
and cook.  We have a tendency to have dinner out
during the summer months.
 Foxy's ... not the best food ... but great location!
 The Selina
Leaving on their sunset tour of the Miles River.
Max is 10 people.
 The Patriot getting ready to dock after a harbour tour.
 Wilson and his girl Julep.
She's thanking him for taking her to Foxy's.
 When at Foxy's ... it's Martini Time!
 We basically had Foxy's to ourselves.
It was a beautiful night to be outside and
we totally enjoyed every second.
Now that the storms have passed it looks like tonight
 will be a great night also ... so
I hate to say it ... but we're heading out to
dinner [again] to meet Laura & Cary.
 After our trip to Foxy's it was time to give
the westies a much needed bath.

Now that the westies are nice and clean
and smell good it's time to get back
to my sewing machine.

I have a stack of the cutes American Girl dresses 
that are in need of being finished.  I plan to start sewing on
little buttons & bows, and I've started to glue on crystals!

Look for my American Girl blog fashion show
with all my new creations soon!

I'm also looking into selling one or two on the
Esty Website but not sure if all the fees they charge
is worth it.  Should anyone have experience 
with this site, please let me know.
. . . - - - . . .
Thanks for visiting & enjoy your weekend,


  1. How nice! We have just reached 114 here - no more dog or horse activities for a while. The concrete is just too hot even late in the evening - we can't have the boys sitting on it!


  2. sounds like a nice day and the martini looks good.