Sunday, June 3, 2012

Because We Can!

 That's right Derby.   We left you home while we
went out to dinner with Laura & Cary.
We trust you to be a good westie boy.
 Wilson ordered a 'Big-Boy' drink & I went with a glass of wine.
 Everyone fell in love with this wine.
 L - Cary   M - Laura   R- Me
 You never know what you'll see cruising into St. Michaels.
 Freedom in pencil stetch format
 Laura spotted the reflection of glasses on Cary's shirt & said ... 
I guess we all know what Cary's has in his stomach!
 The St. Michaels Harbour Inn & Marina Hotel 
torches around the outdoor pool area.

 As the sun sets it's time once again to say goodbye
to dear friends.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


  1. aw Derby, don't feel bad, I get left at home too.
    Your pal Duke :)

  2. Poor Derby! I hope he got a nice, fat doggie bag!