Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Have A Situation ...

 I know what little Derby is thinking ...
I have the S-I-T-U-A-T-I-O-N & not him.
 When my sister was here we made a trip
to Walmart.  Did you know that some stores are
starting to carry bolts of fabric again?
 The fabric for the 3 double ruffle party dresses
were dirt cheap [especially if you're only
purchasing a half a yard].  

 This fabric I purchased to use as an
edging for a baby quilt [which has
yet to be finished].  I had enough
leftover to squeeze out a small dress.
 Debby made this adorable daisy dress.
I added the cream colored daisy trim to the hem
 and the bright pink flower to the waist.
As added pieces I made a head scarf
and the purse.  I couldn't resist adding a silk
flower daisy as an accent to the bag.
 When I saw the scotties I had to get it. 
You can't tell but on the bodice I added crystals
and flat back pearls to the tea pot, tea cup and cherries.
 I had just enough to make this purse.
Can you see the 3 crystals I added to the scotties coat?
To finish I added a scottie button as an accent.
 My sister made a whole lot of American Girl doll
clothing for donation to the Westie Foundation
of America auction with McKenna the American Girl doll.
I pressed every single piece yesterday morning
before putting them away.
The dress above and below are her creations.
I added to the bodice flat back pearls to the dots
and the flower button and ribbon on the blue dress.
To the pink dress [below] I simply added pink
rick-rack around the bodice and hem.
 When I went to put away all the new clothing
I ran into 'THE SITUATION' ... there was NO room
in the bachelor chest I'm using in the back bedroom
to store all the completed clothing.
I went on-line and searched for ideas on
how to store doll clothing.  This is one idea
I found which doesn't work for me simply 
because [you know] I have an excessive amount
of clothing.  But I would still love to have
one of these racks but not for the cool
asking price of $80.00!  Should any of my followers
 have a darling husband that is handy with making
things ... well let me know!
The new storage chest in the front bedroom!
I received an e-mail from Karen who
is part of a small breed rescue group
out in Omaha, NE.
She was notified that she will be
getting 5 Yorkies at the end of the month
so she wanted sleeping bags for them.
I don't know the circumstances but I'm
betting they are from a puppy mill.
Thanks for visiting and have a great day.


  1. You do such amazing work!

    I'm also glad to see the craft area is expanding at Walmart once again. I get all my yarn there..well most of it anyway!

  2. Your dresses are all so cute. They are going to raise so much money and make little girls happy! I don't think Derby cares at all...just look at him relaxing on this hot summer's day!!! He is so cute.

  3. Nice work but we think you need a dedicated hobby room. Sorry across the pond so unable to help. Good luck with storage solutions.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. that's a lot of doll clothes. That rack is very nice but I'm sure someone could make it for a whole lot less.

  5. So creative. I remember when WalMart use to have a huge fabric and craft department and it seems to shrink every month. We have 2 cairn terriers - Boswell and ArchieBall -which are similar to Westies. I'm your newest fan!