Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aboard The Skipjack Rebecca T. Ruark

 Last night I was the guest of Gail aboard the Skipjack Ruark.
She is docked at Dogwood Harbor, located on Tilghman Island, MD

Skipjack Rebecca T. Ruark 
is the oldest working skipjack on the
Chesapeake Bay, built in 1886. 
Capt. Wade H. Murphy enjoys telling nautical tales and
ecology stories during the sail.

 The big day ... is just a few weeks away.
Savor the flavor of the nineteenth century as you step
aboard the REBECCA T. RUARK.
 Built in 1886 on Maryland's Eastern Shore by Moses Goheigan,
she came alive during the glory days, a time when the pursuit
of oysters by dredge boats on the Chesapeake had assumed
all the frenzy of the California Gold Rush.
Oyster captains ruled the waves. 
They and their crews were tough, nature-loving men who
 eaked out a living during harsh winter conditions, 
dredging for oysters under sail. 
One hundred eleven years later Rebecca continues 
the winter dredging tradition and remains the 
Queen of the fleet of skipjacks, North America's last working sailboat. 

 Pencil stetch ... The Tilghman Island Yacht Club
 ... Up, Up & Away ...
 The sails being hoisted.

 Gail opens the first bottle of champagne.

Captain Wade  sharing facts & telling stories about the days of old.

 We had an excellent time
and I personally would like to thank Gail
for including me in this special night
with the ladies of the Fun Bunch.
Mr. Osprey ... we just may stop by again.

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  1. You and The Fun Bunch sure know how to enjoy yourselves. We are glad you had such a swell time. Just missing the doglets at the helm. Have a cool Wednesday in your lovely town.
    Best wishes Molly