Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just The Westies

 Derby was the first {and apparently the only one}
to spot 'something' that got him excited.
So much to my dismay we had
 a little bark fest on the deck which I'm 
sure the neighbors enjoyed.
 Look at that boy stretch!
 Julep doesn't have a clue what Derby's
excited about but being Julep she
doesn't want to take the chance & miss something.

 ... but I'm going to support my brother
in all his craziness.

 Something Is In The Air
 I change my camera to the 'action mode' setting
just in time to catch this shot.

 We keep strings of tiny white lights along the top of the 
fence all year long.  They give off just the right 
amount of light when the westies want to
run the deck at night.

 I did several cross-processing actions 
for fun ... the tiny dots make this photo 
look more like something from a comic book.
 Run ... actually Derby prances.

After taking 114 photo's of 'them' carrying on
I called it quits ... but they didn't.

While Wilson was away I did a lot of
I've got more American Girl outfits 
then I know what to do with.
{technically that's not true at all}
I just need to finish up a few then I'll
take pictures to share with you.

Thanks to [my friend] JoAnn who came up with the title
'Bonding with my Bernina'



  1. Lovely pix of you guys. Happy Monday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. So did you ever figure out what had Derby all excited? It's fun to watch them though.

  3. No need to supply credits for the edits. Love the Westie action shots; can't wait to see the AG outfits.

  4. I had a wonderful Westie for 16 years. I love this breed. They're such great companions. I plan on getting another as soon as I can. Thank you for your blog and the great photos of your adorable, little ones. They bring back many fun memories of my Darby.