Friday, July 6, 2012

"B" is for Bone

 After baking in the sun this morning Julep and
Derby retreated into the house in search
of the a/c vents.  I don't allow them to be outside
on the deck for more than 20 minutes at a time. 
 Derby ... coolin' down.
 Once J&D 'cooled down' and got their
energy back I gave them a treat.  A nice
cold marrow bone for their chewing pleasure.
 Of course Derby heads right to our light colored
living room rug to taste & inspect.
My Mommy Katie is the best! 
On the road again ... or is it ... on the move again? 
Julep took her bone upstairs. 
She's searching for a place to keep it safe.  I think
it's in their nature to try and hide it first, then
they settled down to start working on getting the marrow out.  
 Even the smallest of small bones are still a 
mouth-full for Derby.
 Hey Mommy Katie ... I take issue with that wise
crack about my small mouth.
Julep came back downstairs with bone in mouth.
Thank goodness ...  I really wasn't in the mood to play find
Julep's raw bone.  The westies don't get raw bones often.
 The marrow tends to be a little rich for their tummies
 ... but they're good to keep on hand when the days are
hot or it's raining.  The bones keep them busy
... and a busy westie is a happy westie.


  1. I hide my bones in the bed and my human doesn't find it funny either specially when I bark loudly requesting the pillow be moved so I can access it. Have a nice day.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Your westies are true models! They are groomed to perfection and so sweet.