Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Was Your 4th of July?

 Here on the eastern shore of Maryland
it was a very hot and dry 4th of July.
We left the westies at home while we
slipped across the road to Ed & Cindy's
annual 4th party.  This year the party was catered by
Gourmet by the Bay ... hot dogs, burgers, ribs,
salads, desserts ... more food than everyone could eat!
 How did I miss these at the grocery?
The 'official' greeter at the 4th of July party ...
before he nabbed a crab dip cracker out of
the hands of a guest.
 All the kids had a great time playing in the
pool and on the boat.  Cindy had a inflatable water
slide set up at at the pool for the kids.  She is always well
prepared with outside and inside games to keep
them well occupied. No wonder all the kids live for the
4th of July celebration at Ed & Cindy's.
 We had our own little fireworks display.
{L} Cindy ... with her daughter and grandson.
 {L} Ed with a friend
 Ed has a very nice and elaborate collection of antique
chocolate molds which line most
of the walls in the kitchen and entrance.
 Ed worked for a big chocolate company.
The initial starts with 'M'.

The noise and the crowd got a little much
for MacDuffy and he was put in his
crate in the bedroom.  I think he had enough of the party
anyway and didn't mind.  I took him a few treats and
gave him one before I left.


  1. That looks like fun! Love those chocolate molds. We had fun and I sorta slept through the fireworks. More tonight....time for the thundershirt!

    aroooo, Stu

  2. We hoped you'd have a good time and it looked like you did. Have a great Thursday!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. very cool collection of candy molds. I had no idea they had red white and blue m&m's

  4. Looks like a fun gathering! I like those M&Ms!