Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bayside Quilters July Meeting & Big Fabric Sale!

 The Bayside Quilters Guild July guest speaker was 
Cyndi Souder of Moonlight Quilts in Annandale, VA.
 Here is what Cyndi says about herself and her quilting 
“I prefer to make art quilts, but I’ll make the odd bed or
 baby quilt if the situation calls for it. I’ve found that I’m making
 more tribute quilts lately. People bring me the clothing of 
a lost loved one and I create a lasting textile memorial
 for them to treasure and, perhaps, hand down to the 
next generation. Sometimes I get to make a celebratory 
quilt to mark a happy occasion like a birth or an anniversary. 
It’s always good to commemorate an event with a quilt.” 
Cyndi usually works with commercial fabric, but that seems to be changing.
 She likes to stamp and layer her own fabric to use as backgrounds 
and incorporate silks where she can. She likes to add texture 
and embellishments, using beads, old clock parts, and trinkets
 from the home center. Currently she is very involved with her 
“Power Suits-An Art Quilt Challenge” on display at the 
Morin Gallery at the Arts Center in Orange, VA.

Cyndi had a nice selection of quilts ... but this wall hanging
was the all time show-stopper!
Gold & Silver Crowns
 My photo's don't do this justice!
Made using various shades of silk.
I love all the hand sewned crystals around the edges
 not to mention the beading on the crowns.
 As an award winning wall hanging [for sale]
no one asked Cyndi her asking price.

After the meeting there was a big
fabric and notions sale.  The fabric was left
to the Guild when a longtime member passed away.
The money raised from the sale is being split
between Talbot Hospice & the Outreach portion
of Bayside Quilters.

 26 Tubs brimming with fine fabric
in every color and pattern you can imagine.
 The price is right!
$1.00/yard & $3.00/yard

I purchased my fabric in 1 yard pieces
which I'm splitting with Debby, my sister.
We're going to have a nice stash of fresh and
beautiful fabric to add to our collection.

I mainly concentrated on fall fabrics
[which I don't have many of until now]
as well as Christmas.  I did find a few
beautiful pieces of fabric with bears, butterflies, flowers,
fairies, and plain white on white fabrics 
that I couldn't pass up for the price.
 These flew off the table!
L-Jo    R-Chris
Jo & Chris are just two of the ladies who worked hard
to sort through all the mounds of fabrics and notions.
Without them and the team of other ladies from the Guild
[who volunteered countless hours] this sale
wouldn't have happened.

Hopefully, I'll finish sorting and pressing all
my fabric today and will share a photo
of my new 'additions' later.

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  1. Wow that quilt is amazing. Hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Best wishes Molly