Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Fabric Show

Fall Fabric
 I've finished cutting each and every piece of
fabric in half so my sister and I will have
1/2 yard apiece.  That's all we need to
make American Girl dresses.
 I went searching the bins for more of the novelty-type 
of fabrics because I think they make the cutest dresses.
 Christmas Fabric
I'm looking forward to using the holly and heart fabric.
Christmas sewing in July ... sure, why not!
 Miscellaneous Fabrics
 I love the purple butterflies and the bear fabric.
Okay ... I love the violet fabric also.
 Christmas Snowflakes ... right?
 Sorry Deb ... I'm keeping the fairy fabric for myself!
{if you twist my arm I'll give you a piece}
 I love frogs and this small remnant of fabric was on the 
'free' table at the meeting.  It may be enough for me to
use as the bottom portion of a dress.
 I love colorful fabric and this caught my eye.
I may just keep this ... because I love it.
Holy Cow ... or should I say ... Holy Scotties!
... What A Find ...
I had already checked out, paid for my stash of fabric, and
put it in the car.  I came back in to find JoAnn so we
could grab lunch at Panera Breads.  She was still
looking so I started re-looking and at the bottom of
one of the bins I found this scottie fabric folded up.
I couldn't believe it and I think it was pure fate.
This lead me to start searching the bins again to
which I dropped another $15.00.

 ... The big decision is what to make ...
My sister suggested a long dress with a full skirt.
There actually is enough to make that as well as a few other
things so I'm looking for suggestions.

I'm very happy with all my new fabrics
and as they say ... 
it's the simple things that can make you the happiest.

I have to wonder what projects the lady who 
purchased all these wonderful and beautiful fabrics was going to make.

Now if only my right wrist would stop hurting 
from cutting and pressing all this fabric I
would be happier still!


  1. Hope your wrist gets better. There is a fabric for every occasion. Have a lovely Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You got a nice assortment of fabrics. Good find on that Scotty fabric. I couldn't believe it when I saw in your last post the fat quarters for .25 HOLY SMOKES