Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bonding With My Bernina & Sewing For The American Girl Doll

 Thank you Derby for the kind introduction.
Your bribe treats are waiting in the kitchen.
As you know Wilson spent a week out in AZ visiting his son.
While he was away I had a lovely bonding session with my
Bernina B380 sewing machine.
 Chef Pooch Dress
 Scottie Dress
 Strawberry Dress, Straw Hat & Wicker Basket
 Blue Party Dress with Lace Waist
 Man's Best Friend Dress

 Frog Princess Dress & Matching Hobo Bag

 Skirt & Top
 Cupcake Party Dress
 Rainbow & Ladybug Party Dress
 Peace Symbol Party Dress
 Red, White & Blue Tunic Dresses
 Julep ... Bad Girl!
 It's obvious Julep wants me to pay attention to her.
 Pink Flower Casual Dress
 Dots Skirt & Top
 Burgundy Jacket & Matching Hobo Bag
 Summer Shorts & Top
 Yikes Julep ... that's the vintage Scottie dress
you're tossing around like it's your toy.
 I guess Julep just wanted to be in the pictures
since a majority of the clothing will be donated
to the Westie Foundation of America for auction.
 Night-Night Nightgown
 Spring Flowers Suit & Top
 Hello Kitty Sundress
 Pink & White Daisy Party Dress
 Summer White Party Dress
 Summer Party Dress & Matching Hobo Bag
 Pink Slacks & Yellow Top
 Julep likes the little hobo bags I started to make. 
I usually have just enough fabric leftover to squeeze
one out to match an outfit.  They take me only a few
minutes to sew together.
 Magnolia & White Ruffles Party Dress

Now I Know My A B C's Dress 
Kaitlyn {our grand daughter in California}
is starting kindergarten in the fall - this 
dress is for her American Girl doll.
 Circus Party Dress
 Dots Summer Dress
Sea to Shining Sea Frog Dress 
 Cherries Jacket & Hobo Bag
 Peace Symbol Sun Dress
 Stars Flannel Night Gown

... THE END ...
I still haven't move all the completed clothing into the
other larger bedroom dresser ... so they just keep mounding up.
I really need to go spend the time and go through the stacks
to decide which ones should go with McKenna to auction.
Then I can passed some over to my sister [who is currently sewing
for 9 little girls]. I should also keep a several to use as examples for 
the fall YMCA class [that was my idea] called Designing Doll Clothes
[ages 8 to 11].  This is a good introduction class to teach basic
sewing skills.  It will be interesting to see how many 
actually sign up for this two part class in November.


  1. Nice one. They are all wonderful. Well done. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow, they are just beautiful I love the I Love My Dog one! TOo cute!

  3. The styles and number of outfits are really impressive. And I think Julep was telling you that she wants you to make some dresses for her!

  4. WOWSA! You sure can make some nice things! Love that Scottie dress : )

    Aroo Rooo! Stuart

  5. Ok...that's a lot of clothes...the only thing better would have been if you made Julep model them!!!

  6. Beautiful dresses, so many to choose from !
    Love from Bella, Ollie & family