Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Derby, Julep & Production Sewing

... Derby ... 
Enjoying a little snooze before I wake him up
to be my model for a little photo shoot [since he
happens to be in my sewing area].
 ... Julep ...
Can't wake her up ... she's down on the sofa & out like a light.
 I'm a victim of "her" doll clothes obsession.
I'm calling my union rep ... this is NOT right.
Grand Mom ... I'm moving in with you so get my
room and water bowl ready.
 Derby, what a pitiful look you have ... don't worry
I'll take the dress bottom off now so there is
no need to go live with Grand Mom & Grand Daddy.
 Thank you Derby for modeling for our blog readers.
You're such a good sport ...  how about a treat?
 Some of you may be wondering how I can complete so many outfits
in just one week & the answer is ...'production sewing'.
 Production sewing is a trick I learned in Quilting 101.
In a nutshell ... you're sewing the same area in all the pieces
you cut out [say all the shoulder seams or all the hems]
then you snip them pieces apart.
 I find it actually easier to sew this way.
You read the instructions once and then you sew away.
I tend to cut out 3 dresses [from the same pattern].
It's all fun but I especially enjoy deciding
what type of lace or ribbon to add along the
hem or waist.  Then I pick the buttons and/or crystals
to add to the bodice front and back. 
Thanks for visiting.
It's time for me to head back to my sewing loft
and complete a few more projects.  I'm working
on a tote bag for the American Girl doll and
since it's complicated I'm hoping it turns out.


  1. I also learned to sew multiple items like this. It does make it easier. I love your bright colors, by the way. Derby is cute, as always!

  2. Wow that is some production line and some modelling. Hope you are having a great Olympics.
    Best wishes Molly