Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two westies, a few deer & dinner out

How disappointed the westies are because
they know we're going out to dinner [again] tonight.
What they're not telling you is I took them
for a car ride and walk around the harbour earlier.
Deer Crossing
[Talk about timing!]
On our way down the road I just happened to
 have my camera in my lap.
One fawn got 'spooked' & ran back into the woods.
What a shot!
I'm sure this little one will catch up to
mom in the corn field after we drive away.
Reflections in Cosmo

For dinner ... I ordered a single crab cake.
Sunset on Boats
Lemon Sorbet ... a simple summer dessert.
It was a hot day but the evening turned out to be
perfect with a nice breeze making eating outside
one of those nights to remember.
We like to walk Laura & Cary to the Red Rocket
after dinner just to make sure they get off okay.
The Duck Family
Also said goodbye to Laura & Cary. 
St. Michaels Harbour Inn Hotel, Restaurant & Marina 
We ate dinner on the outside dining deck.
Tiki torches light the sky.
They add a festive touch around the hotel pool.
The St. Michaels Crab & Steak House was
packed. I think every restaurant with
outside seating was packed last night.
Black-eye Susan
 In the gardens of the hotel.
They are Maryland's state flower.

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  1. Duke is pretty good at leaving out some of the details when he tells about me leaving him home alone
    Cool sighting with the deer and the crab cake looks good