Friday, August 3, 2012

Crab Claw Restaurant on the water in St. Michaels

The westies stayed home due to the heat.
I did tell them fall [and cooler weather]
is right around the corner so be patient.

The Crab Claw is a popular independent-owned
restaurant located in St. Michaels, Maryland.
They have an extensively large amount of seafood
on their menu, and they are known all over
Maryland for their steamed crabs.
The business evolved from a clam-shucking
business established in the 1950s.
In 1965, they added a seafood eatery.

Maine Lobster Night ... $18.95!
The restaurant serves beer, 
including Crab Claw Ale
and relies heavily on Old Bay
seasoning, a local spice blend.

The Official Crab Claw Hostess

The Crab Claw was featured on Food TV's
Fabulous Summer Fun and in
Paula Deen's May 2010 issue.
It was awarded "Best Maryland Crab Cakes"
by Southern Living Magazine.

Laura & Cary
Isn't this a lovely photo?
Wilson took his Nikon D800 to dinner
to take some practice shots.

The attack of the duck brigade.
Laura ordered a few crabs so the
waitress prepared the table for pickin.
In case you're new to pickin' crabs
the Crab Claw place mats
provide you with step-by-step directions.
Appetizers for the table.
We alway order more food
then we need ... and walk
away totally stuffed.

The water taxi making the rounds.

Neon Crabs
Doing something fun with my Picasa program.
Wilson said the lobster was delicious!
It came with a baked potato, salad,
bread and cold slaw.
It was a beautiful night and as
we walked Laura & Cary back to the
Red Rocket for their journey
home across the Miles River
I thought ... we have such a
 relaxed time with L&C we are 
blessed to have them as friends.
Thanks for visiting and I hope
you have a lovely weekend.

On Saturday we'll be heading to
Gibson Island for the wedding
& reception of Gail & Terry.


  1. My husband would love this! He would eat seafood for EVERY meal if he could! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to seafood.

  2. Yum Yum Yum......we like the look of that. Have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That's some hostess you had there :) It all looks delicious and I'm now hungry for seafood

  4. Mom says we are gonna have to vacation in your neck of the woods sometime. It sure looks wonderful!!!

    Maybe I could come too and stay HOME with your pups while the rest of you go out WITHOUT us. That part is just NOT RIGHT!!!

  5. Oh boy....We gotta make a visit up there JUST TO EAT!!! Oh. And visit you guys, too! Have I asked you about terrier-friendly places to stay before? Ooooooooh!

    Aroo, Stuart