Monday, August 6, 2012

Derby-e-o & A Wedding

 Derby's Italian Name
While Wilson & I headed to Gibson Island to attend
the wedding and reception for Gail and Terry
we ask Ms. Lisa {our westie Balia or Bambinaia which is
nanny in Italian} if she could stay with Julep and Derby for the evening.
 Ms. Lisa [being of Italian decent] decided the westies needed an
Italian name so Derby is Derby-e-o (like Fabio) Bark-a-lean-o.
I have no idea if the 'e' in Derby-e-o should actually be an 'i'.
We know you're of Scottish decent Derby-e-o ... 
we're just having fun with your name. Nothing
can take away your registered AKC name of
TriBecca's Sir Derby Wyatt at MKC
Julep was not to be found.  I think she knew what I
was doing to her brother so she went into hiding.
Julep's Italian ... well I'm going to get back to you on 
that one ... I need to ask Ms. Lisa how to spell it!

When my Bernina was in the shop for a minor repair
I found instructions on-line to make a no-sew doll
blanket out of fleece.  It fits Derby-e-o perfectly and I
think he wants to keep it.
The Wedding
 Gail [the bride] given away by her sons.
 Cutting both cakes at the same time!
 Gail, Jenifer [center], Me and Jenifer's mom in the back.
I make Jenifer American Girl doll clothing.  She
loves cheer leading so I try and stick to that theme.
This was the first time we met and she was so excited
to finally meet the lady who makes her doll clothing.
 Exchange of vows and rings

It was a lovely day and the ceremony was
along the waters edge at the point on
Gibson Island.  I took over 200 photo's
and Wilson took about 50.  This will be part
of their wedding present from us.


  1. that wedding looked like a ton of fun...but how come you guys were not the ring bearers!?!?

  2. Lovely wedding pix and what a nice day everybody must have had. Loving the blanket. Have a happy Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Very nice! Love the pictures!!