Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guess Who's Been Sewing?

I'm on an American Girl tote bag kick and
the fabric that Julep has decided to rest on will
be used to make tote bags for my sister.  I promised her
9 totes by Christmas for her to give away.
 The totes take a lot of time to cut out. 
You need ... one set of outside fabric,
one set of lining fabric, & one set of iron-on interfacing.

 These are new additions to the American Girl
 clothing collection I have.

 Nothing is sacred.

Thanks for visiting ... now it's time for me to go
back to my sewing machine and work on
tote bags ... with the westies help, of course!


  1. So lovely! I love the gingerbread one! And the ones with the dog paws!

  2. You've made some adorable little dresses there!

  3. you have the sweetest sewing assistants. All those clothes are adorable.

  4. Have a fabulous Friday and we love the seasonal outfits.
    Best wishes Molly