Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On The Deck Watching Butterflies & Westies

 Julep & Derby's new assigned spot on the deck.
This is prime turtle watching territory.

I secretly wish that turtle would find another home.
You would think every time the westies see
the turtle they act like it's the first time.
 We are graced with a few butterflies in our garden.
My guess is they're preparing for the journey
to their winter resting spot.

 My dad started these Zinnia plants [from seed] this spring.
It was my lucky day when he gave me a few of his plants.
 Not only do I love Zinnia's but so do the gold Finch.

 A splash of orange neon to the Monarch butterfly photo.


  1. beautiful butterfly. That turtle must enjoy teasing Julep and Derby :)

  2. Those zinnias are just beautiful. You have a lovely viewing spot on your deck!

  3. Your Westies are so funny!
    Isn't this a beautiful time of year, with flowers matured and butterflies everywhere! My gardens are also full of butterflies.

  4. Julep and Derby we were surprised to read the turtle is still tormenting you. Lovely butterfly pix. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly