Friday, August 17, 2012

The Westies, Crab Claw, & The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

 Julep who is the 'guard on duty' is just about ready
to alert Derby that a turtle broke through the
'secure prerimiter' and has invaded 'their' territory.

 High Alert ... High Alert
 Bark ... Pant ... Bark

 Taking a break to drink some aqua,
re-group, and go back outside to hunt turtle.

 Yummy ... is for the treat Derby got
to get him in the house so he would
stop barking, running & sniffing ...
Derby gets 'obsessed' at times.

Yes, Derby you are right ... but now it's time to
stop taking photo's of you & Julep because
Daddy Wilson & I are going out to dinner.
The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Crab Claw Restaurant
 The campus of the
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM)

The parking lot for the Crab Claw Restaurant is 
next to the CBMM grounds so I took a few photo's
along our walk to the restaurant.

 We're here because it's Lobster Night!

 Ducks of the Crab Claw

 Yes, I plead 'guilty' to feeding my dinner rolls to the ducks.
 My Cosmo tasted good but it was more like
a 'virgin cosmo' with little [to no] vodka in it!
 Shrimp Cocktail
 Laura & Cary were going to join us [and it was
their idea for Crab Claw Lobster Night] but since 
Cary is a pilot he was called out on an emergency flight.
Captain Cary is on the list to contact when there is a 
transplant organ transfer that needs to be flown
[asap] from one hospital to another.  
Of course, we missed them but this was much
more important for Cary to do than Lobster Night.

 Busy night in the Harbour.

 Crabs ready to be picked and we're ready
to go home ... but it was such a beautiful
evening we decided to go into the
CBMM to walk around and take a few photo's.

 Our friend Lloyd is a Captain on the
Mister Jim.  Maybe one day [in the fall]
he'll take us out for a little ride so
we can take some harbour photo's.

 The CBMM has various buildings full of exhibits
and is a 'must see' if you're in St. Michaels.

Saying goodbye from the CBMM.

Today we're expecting company ... Ms. Dorene 
{you may know her as the  groomer of the westies}
is paying us an overnight visit {minus her grooming equipment}.
We'll be taking her out dinner tonight so
there will probably be [yet] more food photo's
on the blog.  Take care and have a great weekend.


  1. Wonderful evening for outdoor dining and photos. Lloyd loved being mentioned in your blog! (A little publicity never hurt anyone....right?) Hope the Westies have gotten over the turtle.

  2. I would love to visit that area again - one thing I remember so well, besides how beautiful it was, is how wonderful the seafood tasted!


  3. That food looks delicious!!! I would want to taste a little bit of that turtle too!

  4. All I can think of is Turtle Soup, Derby and Julep? What lovely weather, lovely view and lovely food. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. oh there you go making me hungry again :)
    Always a pleasure to see what Julep and Derby are up to

  6. Wowwweee!! Look at those crabs! I love grabs and fish for that matter...who would have thought a dog would like seafood!

  7. Thank you for your visit to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Looks like you had fun!

    Tracey Munson, VP of Communications