Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eat, Drink & Be Happy in St. Michaels

Derby ...
Insisted not really on modeling my shaw I found during
a trip we made to Ecuador & the Galapagos's Islands
 several years ago. 
Want to see our GI's & Italy photo's?
 Click to go to my travel blog:
 My Mom Dot thinks Derby is a camera diva
... always ready to strike a pose.
 I personally think Derby should be the new
Cesar dog on the TV and food labels.
{but that food is pure junk in my opinion
especially for westies that are prone to allergies}
 A face to love!  At 3 years old
Derby still looks like a puppy.
 Last night we went to our favorite restaurant
in St. Michaels.  Cindy & Ed were going to join
us but Cindy has a terrible sinus infection and
had to cancel ... so we went and had a nice quiet dinner.
 Wilson loves a simple vine-ripe, local tomato salad in the summer.
The Chef made this just for him.
 I can't pass up a good cheeseburger!
 Cosmo at the Harbour Inn & Marina
 On Saturday night we met Laura & Cary at
the Harbour Inn & Marina because we wanted to
introduce them to Dorene {who came down for the night}.
Dorene lived in Alaska [about 40 miles above Fairbanks] and
L&C also spent time in Alaska as well.  It was
interesting to hear all their struggles and stories of
trying to survive the winters and fishing for salmon.
 Cary's classic martini.
 Wilson likes his bourbon old fashion.
If we should ever get a third westie [don't hold
your breath]want to name it Bourbon.
 A few dishes from our dinner on the dining deck
at the Harbour Inn Marina.
 Simple & yummy Laura ordered cucumber sandwiches
and fries for her dinner.
 Along the main street in St. Michaels
there is actually a shop I haven't been in.
 Summer has slipped by. 
Does it feel the same to you?
 Hype is in the same block as Theo's. 
It's a fun little store.
 We have a new gallery in town!
I couldn't believe it when I drove past the other day
and saw Pam's sign.  A few years ago I contacted
Pam to see if she would make a donation to the
Maryland Westie Club to help raise money.
She sent me this adorable tiny westie chair
so I know her from that.   
 Pam's gallery is next to Hype, which is next to Theo's
so Wilson and I did a look-see into her door after dinner
last night.  We fell in love with a two part piece she has 
on display.  I have no idea what the price
is but [thank goodness] we have no place to hang it in
our home [one downside of having a mostly glass house]
I sent Pam a message that we plan to stop in with the 
westies to say welcome.
 Note to my sister Debby ... 
I'm going to buy two of these - 
one for you and one for me!
I've sorta been replaced!
When Dorene was here the westies were all over her.
While watching TV Derby made himself right at
home on Dorene's back while she took a nap.  
Julep is right above her head on the sofa cushion.  
I don't think they'll be this happy when I 
take them to her house for their grooming session.

Happy Sunday ... ... Enjoy Your Day!


  1. Beautiful shawl! It must be beautiful living in a glass house-and probably beat you didn't see the price sticker on those art pieces! BOL! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a peaceful evening!


  4. Your posts make me want to move there, just so I could eat out!!! Plus, play with some of the world's cutest westies (except mine, of course) ;-)

  5. Those two are just so sweet