Thursday, September 6, 2012

Guess Who Came To Visit Us?

Bark ... Whine ... Bark 
Even though the westies look calm [in this picture] I can
assure you they are NOT! 
 A repeat visitor ... a single male wild turkey.
He's been hanging out in our neighbors woods for
several days now.  
Could this be Barb & Ernie's Thanksgiving dinner?
 Derby gets besides himself when excited.
He pulls his bed from the window area, drags it
across the bedroom floor and gives it a good shake.
I have a feeling this is what Derby would do if
he actually caught the turkey. 
{Note:  for those who do not have a westie
or are unfamiliar with westie-tude they don't know
they are small dogs and as the motto goes 
a westie is a big dog in a small body.}
 Run ... Derby ... Run
Which begs the question ... Who can run faster
?? A westie or a turkey ??
 The turkey spent a few moments along the
shore line ... maybe looking for fellow turkeys?
... or just maybe he couldn't stand the barking any more!
 Derby now wants to go outside and bark at the turkey.
Now On To The Moon
Did you see the moon two nights ago? 
I couldn't help but 'try' and take a photo of its rising.  
Is not amused I was on the deck taking moon pictures.
She wanted to go to bed and I was cutting into
her beauty sleep.  Julep won't go to bed unless I do
so she can take her spot on the king size pillow
above my head ... and that's our nightly routine.
Have A Nice Day


  1. Wow, that is an awesome visitor. We get some too from time to time - in groups! Yours is quite handsome!!

  2. Wow we'd love a good turkey chase. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Adorable! From the short time I kept Fiona, a chihuahua, I realized that she also thought she was a big dog. She would run after the German Shepherd that sometimes wandered into our yard. She practically attacked him, thinking him a threat.He could have eaten her in one bite!

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