Saturday, September 8, 2012

Westie Foundation of America Auction ... I'm almost ready!

 As the time is growing near to the
Montgomery Kennel Club Show [in October] 
I thought I'd better start organizing my donation to the 
auction during this big event.
 As you know I've been sewing all year.
  For this years auction I made fabric tote bags.
I'll put an assortment of clothing in each bag.
I'm hoping this will grab the attention of those
who will be biding on this item collection in the silent auction.
 Don't you just love the straps?
This is vintage fabric and I used it with care.
I didn't want to put the pocket on the front
so I added them on the sides. 
 A big red sparkle button and tiny
red & green buttons were added by hand.
 This is the special pocket which keeps the doll in place.
 The third bag is red, green & lime green westies.
 I have plans of making one more bag with a spring theme.
Four bags for four seasons of clothing.
What more can a little girl want?
 How many items is enough for one doll & one little girl?

 My queen size bed is covered in American Girl doll clothing.
We have dresses, skirts, tops, suits, night gowns, coats,
hats, hand bags, shorts, slacks, tops and shoes
... am I missing anything?
How many hours ... how many days ... how many weeks ...
did all this take me?
How many items of clothing are on the bed?
I .. HAVE .. NO .. IDEA
but every second I spent is so worth while 
when it comes to helping the
organization I'm passionate about
.. .. ..
For additional information about the Foundation

If you would like to view individual pictures of
all the clothing please visit my other blog


  1. Katie: What a stunning collection. You have done a SUPERB job sewing and to support the mission of the Westie Foundation of America. God bless.

  2. Oh Katie if only these clothes had been around when my youngest daughter, Cheryl, was playing with her American Doll, Samantha. I still have her stored away. They first came out when Cheryl was a little girl and she fell in love with them!
    You will be giving some lucky litle girls some wonderful childhood memories!

  3. OH wow, what an amazing collection of items. They are all so beautiful!

  4. We love everything but the tote bags are brilliant. We have our paws crossed that it is a big success. Keep us updated and well done for all your hard work all year. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Whoa! Those tote bags are tooooo cute. You're awfully nice to do all that great work for such a great cause!

    AroOOO, Stuart