Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Journey for Fabric in the Amish Country of PA

 For the record ... I was gone a little over 24 hours
so that qualifies bringing something back for everyone.
 The westies received a bag of healthy treats.
Poor Wilson received air fresheners for his car.
{I should have thought to buy him a jar of  homemade 
jelly or something like that - oh well, next time}
 Our trip started out crossing the Conowingo Dam.
We are now on our way to PA.

 We were in the Amish Country in under an hour
from my sister's house.  Living on the eastern
shore on 'flat ground' it was nice to drive
the small rolling hills of Lancaster County, PA.
 Stop One ... This shop was okay.  We
both made tiny purchases here.

 Stop Two:  We made a healthy size $ purchase here
and I think the Amish man was happy.
Good selection of fabric.
 Deb ... saying hurry up with the picture
taking ... I want to fabric shop!
 We took a break for lunch.  This village is
full of tiny shops and places to eat.  It's also
directly across the street from our Stop Three!

 Stop Three:  We hit the mother-load!
The Old Country Store has been teasing me with 
e-mails for the past six months and finally I'm
here to see if they are as good as they seem.
Ohhhhhh ... Yesssssssss!
 The lady who cut our fabric makes these for the store.
I love sock monkeys and was tempted to walk out
with one ... but I thought about the money I would 
spend on the sock monkey vs. the money I could
spend on fabric ... the fabric won.
 This is a beautifully organized store.

 Help me ... I'm dizzy with fabric choices.
 The main room.  There is another room
off to the side with Xmas and Novelty prints.
The Sale fabric was stacked top & bottom on 2 tables 
Every bolt of fabric at the Country Store is top quality.
Once you start hanging around with quilters you quickly
learn the difference between cheap and high quality fabrics.
I pulled out a nice selection of sale fabric to be cut
[as did Debby].
 Stop Four:  Me in front of Zooks
This is down the block from the Old Country
Store.  We pulled a stack of bolts to be
cut ... and from here we went back over
to the Village to get an ice cream and
kettle corn ... and decide if we wanted
to drive another 45 minutes to hit two more stores.

 Debby loves Kettle Corn so she picked the
corn cob to stick her head in.
 After re-grouping we decided to save the other
two stores for a trip in November.

 I was worried I wouldn't see any horse & buggies.
Of course, they were all over the place.

 It was a quick and easy ride home and definitely
a lot faster then the horse and buggy method of travel.
 Some of the fabric that I will be including in my
donated gift basket for the Guild's fundraiser
in November.  I'll add some good chocolates and maybe
a nice bottle of red wine.
The name of my basket is ...
 Selections from the Amish Country fabric stores.

 58+ pieces of various yardage.
The most yardage in one single cut: 4 yards of Xmas fabric.
I purchased these the night before our PA trip.
Deb and I went to Michaels which was fun.
All this was on sale!


  1. That looks like a very successful shopping trip.

  2. Hi there! I stopped over from Ann's blog when I saw the title of this post! I love visiting Amish country and have recently been to Shipshewana in Indiana. Have you ever been there? They have awesome stores there!!! VERY well organized too! The food simply cannot be beat!! I really love that selection of ribbons and "trinkets" from Michaels...guess where I'm going tomorrow?? Enjoy your projects!
    Jeanne of bichonpawz (

  3. Looks like that was a great trip. Hope you are happy with your purchases. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly