Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bayside Quilters Guild Meeting & Our Fabric Shopping Schedule

 And before there was sewing & quilting ... 
my hobby was needle pointing and making pillows.
 A little Wednesday morning fog.
 Each flower was hand painted by a different artist.
The owner of this stunning original quilt would like to sell this.
In the 1980's it was appraised for $1,500.
Wonder what's it's worth today?

 Here are several of the Guild members
'Show & Tell' quilts from today's meeting.

 Deb is showing her finished crab quilt top.
Her husband asked what is 'that' in the corners ...
 so ... she took a photo of him eating crabs and added it
to the back of the quilt ... then gave it to him as a gift.
 The Guild's President [Laura, in blue] was presented
with her President's Quilt ... made by members.
Each Guild president receives a quilt as a remembrance.
The Baskets Board
What a cleaver idea!  Each colored note has an
idea for a basket theme and if you like the theme
and want to make that basket you pull off the note
card and write your name in its place on the board. 
In November the Guild is planning a silent
and live auction with the baskets to raise money for 
various programs ... such as the Outreach Bee
which I'm involved in.  
 When I checked out the Basket Board I didn't
see my basket idea which is a Sip & Sew Basket.
Of course we are not limited to ideas on the board
so I'll be looking for a nice bottle of wine and a few
yards of fun fabric as my contribution to the cause.

 This month's speaker is one of our own Guild
members ... Candy Stiffler.
 Candy Stiffler “My Journey”
As with many other quilters, I tried just about every craft
 there is, but once I started quilting in 1998 all other 
crafts lost their appeal. You might say that quilting has 
become an addiction. Some people seem surprised at the 
number of quilts I have made that I have kept for myself, 
but to me they are like my babies. I just cannot part with
 a quilt unless I know before I begin that it is for someone else.
 After starting out with hand quilting and finding it too slow, 
I started taking my quilts to a long armer, but all I could get
 was a pantogram. In 2004 I got my Gammill long arm quilting machine
 and became enchanted with custom quilting. Now I am taking 
my love affair with quilting to the next level. On September 6, 
I opened my quilt shop, Quilt Vine, in Trappe. 
When asked if I have a favorite type of quilt, I reply that 
I love everything from traditional quilts to art quilts to modern quilts. 
 All the quilts below are Candy's.

This is the back to the quilt above.
Christmas Quilt
 The quilted back to the Christmas quilt above.

 This is the quilted back to the fall quilt above.
Candy's quilting is beautifully done!

 I wish you could see the glitter and sparkles!.
Julep was out like a light in 'one' of her favorite spots. 

 Thursday morning I'll be heading to Baltimore
to spend the night at my sisters house before
our big PA fabric shopping trip on Friday.  
My mom would have loved to go along but she just had
some very minor surgery on her toe ... so
Mom ... we hope you'll have happy toes soon.
My sister has our schedule all plotted out!

From her home to the Log Cabin Quilt Shop = 56 miles
From the Log Cabin to the Quilt & Fabric Shack = 2.21 miles
From the Quilt & Fabric Shack to Burkholders = 21.2 miles
From Burkholders to Sauders = 10.2 miles
From Sauders to The Old Country Store = 16.6 miles
From the Old Country Store we can walk to Zooks and a few others.

HOLLY SMOKES ... we're going to burn asphalt.
I hope we have enough room for us in the car!

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  1. Stunning work , really beautiful. Have a terrific Thursday.
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