Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today I Was Sewing Christmas Stockings!

 Meet Chris ... 
The Queen Bee of the Bayside Quilts Outreach Bee.
Without her direction & dedication [as well as Kris not pictured] 
the Outreach Bee wouldn't be the Outreach Bee it is today!
Santa told me he will be leaving something
special under the tree this year for Chris.
This is because of her work to help those group
who have requested stocking for those in need.
 Today's project was making Christmas stockings
... 150 medium & 150 large ... to be distributed to
various groups ... for example ... Marine Mom's.
 It takes a team of hard working ladies who have fun
each month working on various projects
for Community Outreach.
 The Outreach Bee had sewers who brought
 their sewing machines from home ...
 Cutters who kept the sewers busy ...
Fabric organizers who matched stocking bottoms with tops ...
 We had JoAnn who stared the morning pressing folds out of
fabric then moved on to pressing completed stockings
and finally ending the afternoon with cutting.
 Chris ... the organized ... the task-master let us take
a lunch break because we caught her breaking for lunch!
... Are You Sure? ... 

... Smiling Faces ...
 The Bee had a productive and fun day.
... My Homework ...
30 stockings to complete by the next meeting.
{after making 2,000 doggie bandanna's I can
make 30 Xmas stockings in my sleep!}
We hit the ground this beautiful Wednesday morning
drinking coffee, eating homemade pumpkin donuts rolled
in cinnamon sugar, chatting, and sewing up a storm.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
Thanks For Visiting


  1. That does sound like a fun day. The aunty acid cartoon is funny

  2. We love the fact that you are all such a lovely community. You always make us smile. Lovely. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It was a fun day--your photos make it seem almost glamorous!! JoAnn