Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meet Jocelyn With Her American Girl Dolls

 Meet Jocelyn with her collection of American Girl dolls.
They are all dressed in the latest outfits I mailed
several days ago inside a tote bag I promised to make
just for Jocelyn.
 Looks like all of Jocelyn's dolls are ready for 
winter and the holiday season.
Jocelyn modeling the tote bag.  

Did I mention how I met Jocelyn and her mom?

My sister and I were standing in line at
Michael's Crafts when the checkout clerk asked
what I was planning on making with all the packages
of embellishments, buttons, and rolls of ribbon.
 From here you can probably guess who was 
behind us in line ... and the rest is history.

Have a great day
... and don't forget to ...
Practice Random Acts Of Kindness


  1. Very cool!! Those dolls look great in the outfits!!

  2. How kind of you and that is one happy little lady. Nice one! Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly