Thursday, October 18, 2012

The westies on the deck

 Okay ... I may be a little bias 
but I feel our westies are so photogenic
especially Derby-lious.
 We found a pet store outside of Duck and they
had large size bully sticks for sale.
We purchased 2 {at $8.99 per stick!} but
as you would have guessed ... Derby
wanted Juleps and he left his on the floor.
I should have purchased 1.

 He's waiting for her to walk away from the bully stick.
 Pretending he doesn't want what Julep has
but we all know better!

By the time Julep was done it was a tiny
stick so I grabbed it and threw it away.
Derby's was still on the floor in the exact spot
he dropped it and Julep was making a bee-line
towards his chew ... so I picked it up and will
give to Derby later.
Life with westies ... never a dull moment!

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  1. BOL sometimes peeps is like King Solomon. Out with the scissors and cut the !!!! thing in half. Sent you email. Thanks so much. Enjoy your day. See you tomorrow.
    Best wishes Molly