Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yesterday with Wilson & the Westies

 But first {since this is MY blog} me and the
westies walking along the Duck path.
 The weather has been perfect {so far} and
after lunch we took Julep & Derby over to
one of the many little shopping areas for a walk/sniff
before their afternoon nap.
 Our Boy ... The Sniffer
Derby will need a vacation from this vacation
due to all the sniffing.  I don't think there's an inch
of Duck that hasn't been sniffed by Derby.
He has to get this trait from his dad's side of the family
since Julep doesn't have the obsessive sniffer gene.
 Derby with his sniffer down.

 Derby sniffed & sniffed ... Julep did a quick sniff and 
was ready to move on.
We put the westies in the car and popped into the local book
 store for coffee and to see what they had in
the way of photo books.
 Interesting way to display rawhide chews for dogs.

 Life along the Inner Coast was on the book shelf.
Written by our dear friends ... AJ & Bob Lippson.
I had my camera and took a photo then e-mailed it to Bob.
 Our rental is on the other side of the line of trees.
We walked the entire sound side walking path.
Then it was time to bring the westies home for their nap.

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