Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Westie Photo's

 With two westies in the house there's never a
dull moment ... unless they are sleeping.
Derby is a snorer and he makes the cutest sounds
when he's in a deep sleep.  It's funny to also
watch their little legs move like they are
running while they are sleeping.
 Julep keeping one eye on the yard.
 She is always on the look out for a
deer ... turkey ... fox ... squirrel ... bunny.
 From nap time ... to play time
these two westies know how to have fun.
I say ... gentle play, please!
Julep is larger than Derby and she will push him
right over showing and asserting her Alpha side.
 They actually take turns being Alpha.
 Here Derby is playing the Alpha dog if it's
only for the few seconds [that Julep will
allow him that role in play].

 I put a new box under my fabric stash and
Derby just discovered it was there.  He is very 
tentative when he sees something that
wasn't in that exact spot before. 
 Careful Derby
I originally purchased this box to hold my donation
to the Bayside Quilter November fund raising auction.
As you can guess I purchased to many items so I have 
have to use a large wicker basket. 
My theme donation is "I Sew For Chocolate". 
I was also asked by the Bayside auction committee to donate
 a few American Girl outfits ... so I'm working on a
special collection just for this.  All this needs to
be put together by Wednesday morning ... YIKES!
 Derby is so cute I didn't have the heart
to tell him he's impeding my sewing progress.
 I call him ... the prince of the westie boys.
I've never seen another westie with a face like his.
Derby should be on TV or in print ads.
.. .. ..
Have A Happy Monday.


  1. How adorable they are!!!! (Almost enough to make me want a dog of my own!)

  2. I came across this blog and it made me think of you - - it is all about the adventures of an American Girl doll. She always posts where she got her clothes. I think you might enjoy it too. :D

    Sam's Mom, Christine

  3. Good luck getting everything done for Wednesday. Hope you have a good Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. No matter what they are doing they are just so darn cute.

  5. Derby could seriously play Jock on Hamish MacBeth!!! He is so darn cute!!! I think it's funny they nap on top of the sofa. Bonnie would be too scared! SHe does not jump on the furniture...she scratches humans to pick her up and place her on the bed/chair/ottoman/'s her house!!!

    She will jump on the sofas and sundeck on the boat, but that's it!

    LOVE these photos... :D They have made my morning!